Spring 1312: An Entry from the Lady's Diary

News of more fighting at home came by messenger today. Though it is far from where I am, I am saddened that my beloved England is under attack by our relatives to the north. It is difficult to understand. My husband prepares to travel now. The Drums of War are calling.He will lend his sword with the other Barons helping to protect our homes and families. For us, spring is beginning. New growth is peaking through the ground.

Winter 1311-1312: An Entry from the Baron's Journal
"The winter months pass slowly. The chill in the air drives us close to hearth and family and we rejoice in time together these quiet months. On fair days, I practice at arms but the cold weather causes aches now more than it did in years passed and I do not seek the thrill of the tourney during the colder months as I once did. My Lady looks to the needs of family and is much preoccupied for a goodly part of the winter with seeing to their needs.  So far this winter, we are blessed with few illnesses and fair provender. Soon we will look to spring and ready ourselves for planting and journeys. I hear our fair land may be embroiled in a war to the north.  Though in the past many warriors from our land have sought glory upon the battle fields, and yet we have not been party to the conflict.  It seems this year that has changed. I have been asked by the Prince to provide for the war chest and set the shops to work."


July 1311 - The heat of the summer brings a slow pace. Many have travelled to War in lands to the north but we are not among them. We tend the crops and see that they are watered, for the heat parches the soil. A tournament is planned locally and we shall attend, but grander tournaments await in the fall. There is rumor that war will come to us locally, so we polish armor and ready our gear.


April 1311 - Spring, a time of renewal. Maintenance of the household the grounds and the armor are all in progress. It is the beginning of the Tourney Season and we have many projects. We plan to travel extensively this spring and are putting our home, our retinue and ourselves into shape.

Spring, a time for beginnings. New projects abound as spring fever engulfs us. New beginnings for members of the household as they embark on new journeys with our encouragement and support. New colours for clothing and furnishings are being selected. A new wines is on the table for discussion as well. It must be placed in the queue of many things to do. In the words of another, "we will sell no wine before its time". New wines must be started for fall celebrations. Planning, planning, planning.

Spring, a time to celebrate! We are putting our best feet forward.


December 1310 - It is winter once again. The brisk winds force us indoors in pursuit of warmer activities.


October 1310 - Welcome Autumn with your glorious colours and brisk winds!

Haus Von Rothenburg settles into preparation for the upcoming winter. We need this time to plan and store for the cold months ahead.

We are busy. The Baron has a new Spätburgunder under cork. He also created a white grape and peach wine from the late Spring harvest. Visit our winery page, Rothenburg Weinkeller. With the winery progressing and household wares increasing, there is time to travel and share with friends both near and far. Oktoberfest has begun. Celebrations will continue well into the October month here at home.

Sadly, it is wartime in our Kingdom. Both of us will fight for the honor and glory of our home.

The year 1310 is coming to a close.


December 1309 - One can dream, yes?

Haus Von Rothenburg looks nothing like the above photo, but as the story goes, this is the home where Baron Johann brought his bride after their marriage in Florence, Italy.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany is home to our beloved Baron. During his long journeys to see the world, his travels took him to port after port as he provided an escort for trading across the seas. France, Italy and more piqued his interest, but none his heart until England. There he found Alexandra. Betrothed and with many travel arrangements to be made, Alexandra prepared for the long journey to Germany while the Baron continued his duties. Almost one year later, the two were reacquainted in Venice, Italy where Alexandra's brother was working. They married in a quiet ceremony at the Cathedral of Santa Maria in Florence on December 14, 1307.

Two years later, the Baron and his wife returned to his German homeland. The couple was received at grand reception during Oktoberfest which fell on the closing days of the War of the Wings IV. Together with their family and friends, Johann and Alexandra celebrated the marriage and received many blessings. As they settled, Johann began teaching Alexandra the finer aspects of wine making as she took on the duties of running a busy household. Visit our winery page, Rothenburg Weinkeller.

More stories to unfold soon. Join us in 1310 as we tell our tales.


Baron Johann Von Rothenburg

b. Rothenburg, Germany 1262

m. 14 December 1307

Cathedral of Santa Maria
del Fiore
Florence, Italy

Lady Alexandra Scott de Northumberland

b. Northumberland, England 1262


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